Graduating on Friday marked the end of a chapter. 1 year as a jewellery apprentice at Koa Jewellery and 3 as an undergraduate studying BA Silversmithing and Jewellery at Truro College. It’s been an enjoyable journey, one where creativity was the focus and new friendships were made.









I am left feeling incredibly lucky. The opportunity to study in the beautiful county that I call home. Being able to study surrounded by my amazing support system of childhood friends, family and my partner in crime, Bryn. This all made the last 3 years so much easier. Studying so close to home allowed me to immerse myself in the creative process, without the distraction of being home sick. Has this shaped my practice? Maybe. But if so, it makes my work all the more personal to me. Each vessel marked with the love and support I receive every day from the great people I share my life with.



This journey and degree have not only given me the skills to succeed in the future. It has also given me another beautiful person to share new adventures with, my silversmithing sister, Sarah Shelton-Palmer. Without her the last 3 years would have been difficult. She has inspired me, built me up when things got tough, and created an atmosphere in the workshop that made it feel like a second home.



Being able to graduate with all these amazing people made the evening so special. So, thank you to the brilliant lecturers that taught us everything we know. To the silversmithing and jewellery family at Truro College, current and graduates. And to all the amazing people in my life, you made this journey a successful one!










Thank you for reading,


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